Friday, 23 December 2011

A change is overdue.

Todays community consists of the same thing, over and over. Think about these words: Youtubers, Montage makers, video creators… What do you think when you say those words? Do you automatically think “Feeds”? If you do, i feel bad for you. Look at the videos that started this thing we do, it was all about creativity and originality… These days people focus on one thing, there’s not many people who are original, who do stick out. The way i see it is a bunch of sheep on a farm, (And by this i don’t mean to offend anyone)… Rather than follow what everyone else does, wouldn’t you rather start your own trend? Do something Different.

I will leave you with a question… Why LIMIT yourself to one thing?

- OpTic PauL

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Getting started

hey guys so some of you might be comming from my old channel or just starting here either way i wan't to thank you for you'r support. and any suggestions on gaming ... e.g what's popular right now, what do you wan't to see ... etc